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Post University
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October 31, 2023
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November 30, 2023
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  1. Task

    Web Development Proposal 

    Estimated Cost: $20,000

    Discovery & Setup: $2,500
    Site & Theme: Site  Design and Development: $11,000
    Content Development: $3,000
    Final Deliverable, Launch, Integrations, Training & Bug Fixes: $3,500

    Monthly Managed Hosting and Support on Post dedicated WordPress hosting environment: $120/month (invoiced every 6 months through IT group)


    Based on our previous discussions, we are proposing the following approach to build a new microsite for the Post University’s outside scholarship opportunities.  The new site will be easy for the financial aid team to manage, update and search.

    • The design will be based on the current style and client provided creative elements. 
    • We will work with the Post team to create a new WordPress child theme for the site which will include the home page, a search results page, and a content/scholarship page.
    • The site will be powered by the same premium WordPress framework used on that’s easy to customize and manage by non-technical staff. We will provide predesigned templates that can be applied easily to new site content and pages as needed.
    • The site will be powered by a custom post type for scholarships so that each scholarship and related metadata will be stored in the WordPress MySQL database and can be updated by financial aid staff using the WordPress admin.
    • Content (new copy, pdfs, images, etc.) will be provided by the financial aid team and the first 100 articles will be added by the ScaleWP team.
    • We will provide training for staff to update and manage site content.
    • The site will apply ADA WCAG 2.1 AA compliance standards.


    The site will be complete and ready to launch 60 days from project initiation. Timing is subject to approvals and content being provided in a timely manner.


    Price estimates are based on initial objectives and may change as mutually agreed upon tasks and objectives change. Cost estimates and payment schedule are provided for four milestones. 

    Milestone 1: Discovery & Setup ($2,500)

    • Create a new WP development instance. Evaluate, install and configure plugins – only those we expect to need.
    • Install setup, configure the base Divi theme.
    • Define and document with the Post team any functional or design changes or other specific requirements.
    • Meet as needed to finalize functional requirements.

    Milestone 2 : Design, Development & Content

    Site Design & Development ($11,000)

    • Create customized child theme that closely matches the current design. This includes layouts for 3 pages:  the home page, a scholarship page and a search results page.
    • Create new website chrome (header/footer) based on simplified style.
    • Create mobile responsive view of pages.
    • Provide an interactive Beta site for financial team to review.
    • Add Plugins for additional functionality such as document management and SEO. 
    • Audit and revise to meet ADA compliance for WCAG 2.1 AA standard.
    • Test and review primary pages on desktop and mobile devices. Revise as needed based on Post team’s feedback.

    Content Development ($3,000)

    • Import and categorize up to 100 scholarships.
    • Review, test and revise as needed.

    Milestone 3: Final Deliverable, Launch, Integrations, Training & Bug Fixes ($3,500)

    Pre-Launch Tasks

    • Install backend systems setup for forms, Google analytics, performance optimization and web security. 
    • Final browser testing. Test in most recent versions of popular desktop and mobile browsers.

    Launch and Post-Launch Tasks 

    • Migrate site from development server to live server.
    • Assist with final DNS setup with the Post IT team.
    • Test integrated systems – including Google Analytics and forms.
    • Perform post-launch revisions and bug fixes as needed. Does not include new functionality requests beyond what was defined during the discovery phase.
    • Provide 1-2 hours training as needed for financial aid staff.

    Ongoing Support and Hosting – $120/mth

    • Dedicated hosting environment optimized for Wordpess
    • Managed Updates for WordPress core, plugins and themes
    • 24/7 security, server and application monitoring
    • Proactive issue resolution 24/7
    • Dedicate support team available for training and questions

Subtotal $20,000.00
Total $20,000.00


Thank you for considering ScaleWP for your project!

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